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emalo applications are built on security and are very user friendly. Should you have any questions or ambiguities you can count on our friendly and quick support.

From start to going live
Our consultants will support you from the beginning until going life and beyond. For large projects we draw up a solid action plan. Together with our technical professionals and consultants we ensure a smooth implementation.

emalo Service is also the link to our hosting partner and facilitates the knowledge base of emalo (help and FAQ). Should you be interested in our services or would like to have more information please contact us at


Hotline support

Should you not be able to find an answer at our online helpdesk, please call our support number between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Mo. up to and including Fr.) – our support number 0900 – 2362562 (2EMALO2) (€ 0.90/min), based on ‘fair use’ of 1 hour per month.

Support questions

Questions about the operation of emalo: of*
Find out how to generate sales orders or enter parts or change the template of a form or how to process the customers data. In case of questions about the operation of the emalo software please check our online helpdesk.

Technical questions:
Should you have any questions regarding browser, internet connection, error messages and updates please check our online helpdesk.

0900 support telephone number
Should you not be able to find an answer at our online help, please call our support number between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Mo. up to and including Fr.) – our support number 0900 – 2362562 (2EMALO2) (€ 0.90 /min), based on ‘fair use’ of 1 hour per month.


Although it rarely happens a malfunction might occur which means that you cannot work with emalo. If this is the case please look for advice by means of the checklist at
If you cannot solve the problem please call 088 – 5550310 or send an email to Of course, this emergency number is only to be called in case of a malfunction. The degree of support depends on the chosen package.

Emergency number: +31(0)885550310

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Quick personal contact online

emalo offers a lot of increasing possibilities which save you time and create job satisfaction.

Any doubts? Via an online connection we give you a practical demonstration of the opportunities of our programs offer. After your registration you will receive an e-mail containing date and time when we contact you and how we will establish the connection. Invest half an hour and find out which financial and commercial benefits emalo offers for your business.


1 hour tips & tricks

From your workplace

Join our webinar – online at your workplace – and you will quickly get an overview, completely free of charge for users and prospective buyers.

Our webinars start at 10 a.m. and at 3.30 p.m.


Schedule for implementation

An example for an implementation schedule for emalo GO. Each implementation requires approximately one day per user.

emalo go implementation from emalo_BV

emalo GO implementation
Depending on schedules and agendas the implementation of emalo GO will last max. 4 to 5 weeks. Subsequently the system will go life.


During a second or even third appointment we will set up emalo according to the requirements of your business. For example, we could look at:
1) Master data (conversion products, customers, suppliers, etc.)
2) Set up process (configuration, purchase and sales, inventory valuation, etc.)
3) Finance (configuration of online book keeping, synchronization of customers, suppliers, etc.)
4) Forms/documents (generate offers, invoices, delivery notes, etc.)
5) Authorization (set up of administrator, authorization groups, tabs, etc.)
6) Personal settings (own workplace/desktop, etc.)
7) Integration of bookkeeping (check VAT-groups, ledger accounts, etc.)

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Is my data safe?

Safety is our top priority. The emalo cloud infrastructure is hosted at TIER 3 data centers, which guarantees the highest standards of physical security. Furthermore, the emalo cloud is equipped with a maximum security infrastructure containing several firewalls, keeping the customer data in the fourth and deepest layer. In addition, the hosting platform and organization will be audited and certified annually in order to guarantee the highest security standards and availability.

1. Cloud security through certification

2. Cloud security by redundancy

3. Cloud security through infrastructure

4. Cloud protection through software

5. Cloud protection through emalo

emalo is working in public and private cloud

Also secure in public cloud
emalo offers working in public as well as in private clouds. In a public cloud the infrastructure is used by several companies. In a private cloud the infrastructure is set up only for one company. The fact that there is a difference gives the impression that your business data will not be save in public clouds. But that is not true. With the right protective measures emalo ensures all your data to be safely stored in the public could.

Only resources and service will be charged
emalo offers the public cloud in such a way that you will only have to pay for the resources and the service which you use. As user you can easily up- and downgrade whereas large investments in hardware are not necessary. In the public cloud you benefit from the advantages of an almost infinitely scalable platform.

Optimal control in the private cloud
In the private cloud you are using an exclusive private cloud environment with total control over your own data. The private cloud offers all the benefits of a public cloud but you choose how the private cloud server is set up and how the data will be protected. emalo is responsible for the maintenance of your private cloud. However, the strict security of your data will be taken care of by yourself.

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