emalo GO Service

For service enterprises

How have the tasks been devided among your team(s), which newsletters have been sent and what has recently been discussed between your employee and your key account: emalo gives immediate insight. You sit in your own business cockpit.

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“It’s obvious that emalo has been designed with an eye on both commercial goals and a sound financial management. It cleverly builds a bridge between these two very different but none the less important business issues. The Twinfield interface allows real-time monitoring of our sales, thus enabling us to anticipate accordingly. The great number of features save us a lot of time and consequently personnel costs.” Mr. Willemars, Manager

Our package for 20 users

Realtime insight into status of each project
Enjoy your projects. emalo makes your working with projects simple and transparent. All communication is collected per project and can be quickly accessed by the involved associates or partners. All information is dynamic and may be supplemented or adjusted at any time.

Working structure for your own staff and external partners
emalo grants a comfortable structure for your staff teamwork and can also be accessed by external partners for insight into mutual projects. The system quickly switches between fixed price or post calculation; gives internal warning if going over budget, shows status overview of projects and staff, on demand it automatically issues provisional and final invoices whereas data such as mileage may also be added.

emalo is scaleable and flexible
emalo has more than 5 years experience in cloud computing. The package is scalable and flexible and may be expanded continuously by unique modules, if necessary. We construct them ourselves. We are good at it!

The advantages of GO Service

Cost saving and workflow
• Less administration, automatic invoicing and controle
• Tablet use
• Always ready for accountant
• No investments, no licenses
• No worries about hardware, backups, upgrades
• Immediate start, userfriendly
• Additional modules and add-ons possible

Commercial opportunities
• Up-to-date information on stock, purchasing and sales
• Job opportunities, prospects and customer management
• Target group selection and serial letters
• Faster switching with suppliers

What can you do with it?

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GO Service

Package working in the cloud

From € 50.00 per month / user
• Purchase and stock management
• Project administration
• Mailing system

• Mailsysteem
• Interface online bookkeeping

• Online help free of charge
• Service portal FAQ free of charge
• Support mail free of charge

Additional € 10,- per month/user
• Call-me-back service within 4-8 hours