emalo GO Commerce

Customized for commercial enterprises and wholesalers

Stock view of an individual product, a contract just been made between your account manager and a key account, automatic delivery proposals;
emalo gives direct insight into everything. Working in the cloud with emalo increases your workflow and gives you a real helicopter view.

Snoozebaby, Amsterdam – exporter of baby equipment

„The software is user-friendly. I often use the contact manager which on a daily basis shows me which customers I have to call. Small companies often cannot afford large investments. A small package is ideal to start with and then grow continuously. Our company is doing well and emalo grows along with us.“ Mrs. Rameckers, president

Our commerce package for up to 20 users

Ready for delivery to large companies
For a fixed monthly rate per user emalo offers a complete package containg business applications to link your processes to one another and especially to those of your customers. emalo solutions enable your company to successfully contribute to both critical consumers and the biggest and most demanding (online-shop)enterprices.

Target and serve your customers
By request realtime item and stock information will be available – for your customer too – as well as detailed automatic processing of your orders and invoicing. emalo CRM applications help you to easily select customer groups based on demands or development of turnover and address them by targeted and personal marketing activities.

emalo is scalable and flexible
emalo has more than 5 years experience in cloud computing. A fast interface allows both easy transfer of information in EDI format and use of barcodes. XML-based emalo dovetails with all kinds of add-ons, as well as book keeping, online-shops and other online services. emalo GO commerce may be expanded continuously, if necessary with unique modules. We construct them ourselves. We are good at it!

The advantages of GO commerce

Cost saving and workflow
• Less administration, automatic invoicing and controle
• Tablet use
• Always ready for accountant
• No investments, no licenses
• No worries about hardware, backups, upgrades
• Immediate start, userfriendly
• Additional modules and add-ons possible

Commercial opportunities
• Up-to-date information on stock, purchasing and sales
• Order opportunities, prospects and customer management
• Sales forecast and analysis
• Online shop and cash connector
• Target group selection and serial letters
• Faster switching with suppliers

What can you do with it?

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Package working in the cloud

From € 60.00 per month / user

• Sales
• Purchase and stock management
• Project administration
• Mailing system
• Interface online bookkeeping

• Online help free of charge
• Service portal FAQ free of charge
• Support mail free of charge

Additional € 10,- per month/user
• Call-me-back service within 4-8 hours