CRM at emalo

CRM – Management of Customer Relationship

A good relationship with your customers is crucial to your business. With emalo you can respond to the specific needs of different customer groups in an attentive and personal way. The contact manager shows discussions and agreements, the status of offers, sales, commission and order opportunities in their relations with each other. All compact at a glance.

Analysis of quotations and assessment of business opportunities
How big is the chance that an offer will lead to an order or contract? emalo helps you to comprehend the possibility. Furthermore, you can find out the reasons why an order has not been placed. This will give you a good overview of your order opportunities.

Sales representatives and commission
emalo always provides for a current overview of the turnover achieved per sales representative or seller and compiles a commission statement with one click.

Active marketing and targeted approach to customer
The dynamic target groups of emalo enable you to group the recipients of newsletters, i.e. based on their purchase behavior. If a buyer of a notebook has not yet bought the spare rechargeable battery you will be able to offer this additional product by a personal message.

Integrated serial e-mail function
Use a suitable template to send personal e-mails to very specific target groups. Even that is easy with emalo. Customers who you’ve been in contact with over a certain period of time or currently had no contact with can be easily sent a personal message.






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ERP in emalo

ERP Business Management Software

It’s understandable that many employers consider the threshold of the purchase of an Enterprise Resource Planning system or business management system as high. A lot of companies keep investing into traditional rigid systems which do not go along with the changes within the organization.

One scalable package and one low investment
emalo is a unique scalable ERP and CRM package containing a smart interface to Twinfield, – European market leader of online accounting. Besides, emalo contains a standard interface to Magento online shops and offers the same smart business applications as the multinationals but for a significantly lower investment than traditional systems.

Fixed monthly rate, no surprises
Due to emalo being set up as a cloud service you do not only benefit from the online based ‘anywhere-anytime’-character, but also from the scalability advantages of real cloud services. emalo does neither cause exorbitant purchase costs nor annual service costs but only a fixed rate per month based on what you are using.

Business Reporter


Product management

Stock management

Add-ons and extra’s

As the emalo online software is based on XML-standards it seamlessly works together with other applications. In cooperation with our specialists you will easily add add-ons and extras in addition to the modules for CRM, ERP, production and eCommerce. We guarantee the optimal functionality of these couplings anytime and anywhere.

Our couplings and extras:

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Bookkeeping at emalo

Online bookkeeping

emalo is provided with a completely integrated interface with Twinfield. This package for online book keeping is the European market leader and due to its simple scalability is being used by small companies as well as by multinationals. Twinfield is efficient and secure and is easily able to share information with an administration or accountant office.

Integrated cash systems and online shops

The XML-based emalo is perfectly able to exchange information between systems at various platforms and locations. Cash systems automatically book the daily output in Twinfield and integrated online shops process the goods ordered up to invoicing or an automatic cash.

From project administration to credit management
emalo and Twinfield offer an extensive functionality for bookkeeping, project administration (electronic) invoicing, reporting and credit management. In the future emalo will be integrated into even more online bookkeeping programs.

Flexible subscription rate

The Twinfield online bookkeeping is available at a flexible monthly subscription rate. Besides, enjoy the integration of more than 20 banks now, as well as the intuitive interface and extensive opportunities of Twinfield.

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E-Commerce at emalo

E-Commerce – websites and online shops

More than a beautiful showcase. A website is not a matter of presenting stuff but doing business. The design team of our partners develops smart Magento websites with a unique design and user-friendly management. You choose a standard quality or go even one step further and opt for custom design.

Open source software
Magento is an open source software for online shops. By means of its flexibility, the ease of use and the many opportunities for customer-specific extensions Magneto is the fastest growing e-commerce platform.

Increase of online satisfaction and conversion
Our strategic cooperation with our Magento partners makes us THE specialist in the field of creative design, web-based applications and online business software. While saving time and money by the use of the online shop you will watch your sales volume increase significantly.

eCommerce online shop manager

eCommerce optimization

eCommerce web portal manager

All online shop orders directly in your system

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emalo Production


SMEs have special questions regarding purchase, planning and logistics. emalo makes production orders, -processes and -costs comprehensible. Securely log in anywhere, at any time to access your own production environment. Our applications are intuitive, user-friendly and complete. The module is both simple and powerful. The basic component of each successful product is security. emalo enables you to hold the reins.

Production manager

Master data

Production planning



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emalo Business Manager

Business manager

Have your office at hand anytime, anywhere. That is the promise of the emalo business manager. No matter when or where you are, log in to your own office application via the internet. You maintain a clearly arranged availability of your e-mails, agendas, tasks and documents. At any time you have all addresses, customer data, (service) agreements or contracts at hand. You conduct your business with an optimal dynamic and flexibility. emalo business manager is working along with you!

Communication manager

Desktop manager

Activity manager

Mobile manager

Report manager

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